rapidea ® Smart Plant Engineering - Control ball valve

rapidea ® Plant Engineering - Control ball valve

The control ball valve is based on the principle of a ball valve. The regulation is effected by a controlled lifting and rotating movement of the ball. Regardless of the possibly changing characteristics of the pumped liquid, every form of control characteristic curve can be implemented with this system solution without conversions. In closed position of the valve, the ball is floatingly mounted, whereby an extremely high sealing force is achieved. Only while opening, the ball is supported by via hydraulically connectable bearing ring, owing to which an extremely low switching torque is then achieved. In open position, the control ball valve has a free passageway and is also therefore well piggable. The whole interior of the control ball valve can be flushed even once installed due to the displaceability of the ball (CIP capability). A leakage on the main seals can be often removed already through repeated actuating of the bearing rings.
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