rapidea ® consulting development analyses optimization

rapidea ® consulting development analyses optimization

Further development of ideas for the finished product programme

We are happy to assist you in further development of your ideas and optimize your product programme. In the process, we resort to long-standing experiences and use proven strategies and methods to implement your innovations in a technically and economically well-balanced manner and to adapt them to new requirements.

Market analyses and competition analyses

What do potential customers expect from a good product and/or from a good service? With what measures do competitors try to attract customers? With specific market analyses and competition analyses, we help you to clarify these questions precisely, so as to derive measures for the optimization of your product and/or your service programme.

Reducing costs and shortening throughput times

At which places in the process chain is money used up? What activities require what time to be spent? Where is there saving potential? We search for saving potential through specific analysis of the process chain. With the help of this knowledge, we compile proposals for the improvement of the cost structure and the processing time.

Securing of intangible assets

Good products are gladly copied. Thus one saves a lot of development time and development costs. That's why it is often useful to obtain protection for innovations against abuse. We are happy to advise you on questions about the securing and exploitation of intangible assets.
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