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Rapidea ® Building Trade

Building physics - Smart solutions by weighing technical and economic aspects

"In complex technical systems, as are modern buildings, the different components and individual physical parameters influence one another. When designing the corresponding systems, it is therefore necessary that the selection of material, parts and assemblies as well as the adjustment of the parameters be balanced optimally with respect to technical and economic aspects."

2016 ○ Dipl. -Ing. Andrea Reuter

Structural stability - Economic and competent calculation

The focus of our work lies in the traditional structural engineering of residential buildings and trade buildings. The range of services encompasses the dimensioning of support structures from reinforced concrete, steel, wood, masonry and their hybrid constructions. We offer you the calculation for your construction project, from the structural stability proof for a subsequently introduced masonry opening, to an extension and/or conversion, as well as an upgrade to a completely new construction. With our structural stability calculations, we pay attention to the cost of materials and with this also to holding your costs as low as possible.

Heat insulation - New technologies are your advantage

With us, heat insulation of course encompasses all measures for the reduction of heat transmission through surrounding surfaces of your building. The objective with our calculations is to minimise energy consumption for heating your new building and, in the course of this, to ensure a hygienic room climate to maintain the health of all the inhabitants. For your old building we create an Energy Performance Certificate for you and show you what measures for energy conservation make sense economically. Already with simple renovation measures, energy costs can often be quite significantly reduced.

Energy Performance Certificate - Transparency on the property market

The Energy Performance Certificate provides information to you about the energy requirements per square metre of usable area per year and describes the energy quality of your building with this numerical value. For you and for prospective tenants or buyers, this value is a reliable parameter for comparison of different real estate. Moreover, with the Energy Performance Certificate and the calculation results, you will receive from us proposals for measures through which you can reduce the energy requirements of your building.

Sound insulation - To live quietly is a better quality of life

The sound insulation in buildings has a great importance for the health and well-being of people. Sound insulation measures must aim not to let noises emanating from outside or adjacent rooms enter your building and your living space. With your individual construction project, we pay attention to suitable and effective solutions for architectural sound insulation.
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